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OWWL Library System

About the System

The OWWL Library System (formerly Pioneer Library System) is a New York State-chartered, cooperative public library system that supports library services and the 42 libraries in Ontario, Wayne, Wyoming, and Livingston Counties.

OWWL – Ontario, Wayne, Wyoming, and Livingston.

OWWL Libraries – The 42 independent libraries within the Ontario, Wyoming, Wayne, and Livingston counties. 

Mission: Support library services across Ontario, Wayne, Wyoming, and Livingston Counties.

Vision: Everyone enjoys the freedom to read, learn, and grow through equitable access to library services.

Core Values: Access, Community, and Intellectual Freedom.

Special System Events

System Documents

Board Meeting Minutes

Board Meeting

  • Board Meeting Recordings
  • Public Notice 2023
  • Note: Recordings of all OWWL Library System Board Meetings are available using the above YouTube link unless the meeting took place exclusively in person.
  • Note: Recordings were reuploaded on January 10, 2023, to post with the updated website.
  • Board Meetings where no Trustees attend online may not be recorded or uploaded.
  • Contact director @ with questions.

Inter-Library Loan Requests for Member Libraries

Member Libraries and other institutions may visit our Inter-Library Loan Request Form to submit a request for the System to acquire or lend a title. Please check for the title in our online OWWL catalog before submitting a request.

Member Libraries and other institutions may email for more information.

Library patrons must contact their local library regarding all title requests.