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Auto-Renewal FAQs

What is automatic renewal (auto-renewal)?

Library patrons will not have to log on to their OWWL accounts or ask for assistance from library staff to renew items! For your convenience, eligible items are automatically renewed on their due date. If you have an email address on your account, you will receive an email to notify you about the outcome of the auto-renewal attempt.

Will all my items be auto-renewed?

As long as your library items are available for manual renewal through your OWWL account, they will be eligible for auto-renewal, too!

Some items may not be able to be renewed depending on borrowing restrictions.

What items cannot be auto-renewed?

Your items will not be able to be auto-renewed if:

  • The items have borrowing restrictions and are not allowed to be renewed through any renewal method
  • Someone has placed a hold on your items
  • Your library card has expired
  • Your items have already been renewed the maximum number of times

How will I know if my items have been auto-renewed?

You will be notified about what has been auto-renewed if you have an email address on your account to receive email notifications.

On your items’ due date, you’ll receive an email listing every item due that day, whether or not it was able to be auto-renewed, and its new due date (if it was able to be auto-renewed).

You can also check your account on your items’ due date to see if they have auto-renewed. If they have, you’ll see that there’s a new due date!

Will I be notified if an item can’t be auto-renewed?

If your items couldn’t be auto-renewed, they will be listed in the notification email mentioned above as “Not Renewed.”

Can I still renew items manually?

Yes, you will still be able to renew items ahead of the due date using your account, by phone, or in person.

Can I opt out of auto-renew?

No, the auto-renewal feature is a courtesy provided to all OWWL library card holders.