Personalize how you are notified of available holds. This information will fill in the Place Hold form every time you place a hold. This information can also be set or edited by the staff at your library.

  1. Go to and click Login
  2. Enter your Library Card number and password
  3. Click Account Preferences
  4. Click the Notification Preferences sub-tab
  5. Select your options:
    • Notify by Email by default - check or uncheck
    • Notify by Phone by default - check or uncheck
    • Default Phone Number - Enter your preferred hold pick up notification number; leave blank if you prefer email notifications. The hold notification number does NOT have to be the same as other contact numbers in your record
    • Notify by Text - check or uncheck; you may be billed by your mobile service carrier for text messages 
    • Default Mobile Carrier - select your mobile service provider
    • Default Mobile Number - enter your mobile number using this format: 5855551234. Any spaces or hyphens will block text delivery!
  6. Click Save

You can change or add your email address in the Account Preferences > Personal Information area.