When you search the catalog while not logged in you are searching the entire catalog. However, once you login - to place a hold, for example - you will start searching just your "Home Library" (usually the library where you got your library card.)

To always search the entire OWWL collection, change your Preferred Search Location:

  1. From the OWWL.org page click Login
  2. Enter your Library Card Number and password
  3. Click Preferences
  4. Click the Search and History sub-tab
  5. At Preferred Search Location select OWWL
  6. Click Save

NOTE! View your current Home Library in the Preferences > Personal Information area. If it is not the library you most often use, contact your library to have it updated.

Within this area, you can also:

  • Set Search hits per page - the number of title that appear in a page of search results, before you must click to a new page
  • Set Preferred [hold] pickup location - the library where you most commonly pick up your holds, this can still be changed when placing a hold if needed
  • Turn on Checkout and Hold histories - See the Checkout and Hold History help page for more information about histories