The catalog record for each title includes far more information than just basic information about the title and copies owned. This information is contained within expandable tabs and covers related subjects, reviews, series information, previews, and more.

Within the Reviews, Series & Suggested Reads tab, you can find Novelist content for: 

Similar books

The "you might also like these..." recommendations are created by Novelist librarians based on similarities in writing style, subject, genre, and more. 

Within this section, use these actions to get more information:

  • Click on the "Why?" link to view a popup box explaining the reason for the recommendation:
  • If a recommended title is blue, that means copies of that title are owned by OWWL libraries. Click the title to launch a title search.
  • If a recommended author name is blue, click on the name to launch an author search.
  • Hold you mouse over the cover image or author name to provide feedback to Novelist staff if you love:

    or hate a particular suggestion:
  • Click (more) to see additional recommendations. 


Appeal terms

Appeal terms are a unique Novelist feature, created by Novelist librarians, that are used to help match readers to books. For example, if you prefer fast-paced, gritty crime dramas with sarcastic protagonists or sweet, leisurely, character-driven romances, you can use those terms to find similar titles.

Appeal terms are useful when searching Novelist (linked from but not the online catalog. 

Recommended Lists and Articles

The full range of recommended lists and articles can be searched in Novelist, but within the catalog lists relevant to a selected title will display in the title record. 

Click the header to see the available options for each type of list.

Click the list name to view the list contents in a popup. The lists can be printed, and any titles in blue can be clicked to open new catalog searches. 

View Goodreads reviews within the catalog

Goodreads is "the world's largest site for readers and book recommendations." All reviews are created through Goodreads and access via our catalog is provided through Novelist. 

Click the Goodreads logo to read reviews that will open in a popup window. If you have a Goodreads account, you can click the "Write a review" button to open Goodreads.

Sign up for reading recommendation newsletters

This link points to sign up page the same email newsletters available from the main page, but also displays an example of the list relevant to the title being viewed. 

Reading Level

Records for children's and teen's materials typically include information about reading levels. Most commonly, the reading level is indicated by a Lexile number. To learn more about Lexile numbers, and to determine how the number correlates to grade levels, and other measures, such as Common Core Standards Text Measures, click the [view chart] link.