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Place Holds

Place a hold to have materials sent from another library to your local library for pick up, to reserve a copy available at your local library, and to reserve a copy when all copies are currently unavailable.

The Place Hold option appears next to a title entry in a search results list or a title details page.

  1. Search to find the title you want
  2. Click Place Hold from the results list, or, click the title to open the details page and then click Place Hold
    • If you open the title details, you can see how many (if any) other holds have already been placed on the title
  3. If you are not logged in, enter your Library Card Number or Username and password
  4. In the Place Hold form, change your pickup and notification details if needed, then click Submit
  5. If the hold was successfully a placed, a confirmation message will display; click Continue to return to the search results list or item details page
  6. If the hold was not successfully placed, a message will display stating the reason why; you will probably need to call your local library to resolve the problem

Hold not successfully placed reasons

  • Maximum number of holds – patrons can have 20 holds at any one time
  • Maximum fine amount – patrons are blocked from placing holds and borrowing items when they have $5.00 or more in fines
  • User already has a hold on the item – patrons can only place one hold per title from the online catalog
  • No items match this hold request – usually indicates downloadable content which must be requested/borrowed from the OWWL2Go website

Hold not successfully placed – permission to override

Some hold failures can be overriden. In these situations, after submitting the hold request, the hold problem message will state the failure reason. Below this will be an option to override the failure, and place the hold anyway.

  • HOLD_ITEM_CHECKED_OUT – you already have the item checked out, you can cancel the hold or request an additional copy