Library patrons can  use temporary and saved lists of library titles to track items borrowed, items of interest, place bulk holds, share with others, and more.

There are two basic types of lists

  • Temporary lists - do not require a user to be logged in to their online account and can be used to temporarily collect titles of interest for holds or to be later moved to a saved list. These lists disappear after about an hour of inactivity, or when the web browser is closed.
  • Saved lists - require a user to be logged in to access and can be added to, shared, annotated, and used to place holds.

My List topics:

Add to a temporary list when not logged in

From a search results list or title details page, click "Add to my list" to save that title to a Temporary List.


  • Temporary Lists are the first step in adding title to a saved list, or placing holds on multiple items at once
  • You can do as many searches as needed and put as many items as useful in your temporary list
  • You do not have to be logged in to create a temporary list - but you will be prompted to login to place holds and you will need to login to save your list items

View temporary list

Once titles have been added to the list, a View My List button displays above the results list. Click this to open the Temporary List.

If you are not logged in, the Temporary List options include Place Hold or Remove from List

Add to a list when logged in

From a search results list or title details page, click "Add to my list" to see a list of your saved lists (or the first 9 lists if you have many lists!)

From this list you can add the title to a temporary list, a saved list, or create a new list.

NOTE! Saved lists appear in alphabetical order. If you have more than 9 lists and the list you want does not appear, click "See All". This will take you to the full My Lists display so you can add your title. 

Place multiple holds at once from a list

The process to place holds from a list is basically the same whether the list is temporary or saved, or if you are logged in or not.

  1. Select the titles to hold checking individual titles, or select all titles by checking the box next to the Title header
  2. Click Actions for these items and select Place Hold 
  3. Click Go
    • If you are not logged in, you will be prompted to login
  4. The Place Hold screen will display with the selected titles listed
  5. Click Submit

NOTE! If the holds are placed, each title will be indicated "Hold was successfully placed". If any hold cannot be placed, a descriptive error message will display. For more information about placing holds, see: Place Holds.

Create New List

You must be logged in to create a new list. Once logged in, you can create a new list by going directly to the "My Lists" part of your online account, or by clicking "Add to my list" from a search result or title record and selecting "Add to new list". ​Either way, the basic steps are the same:

  1. In the Create new list box, enter:
    • The name of the new list
    • Share this list - no or yes (see Share Lists for more information)
    • Optional list description
  2. Click Save New List,
  3. Your screen will go back to the search results or title details

NOTE: If you started from a title, it will be added to the list in the same process

Move Temporary List Items to a Saved List

  1. From a Temporary List, select the titles to move to the saved list
    • Click the checkbox next to Title to select all items, or select individual titles
  2. In the Actions for the Items list, select the saved list
  3. Click Go, the titles are moved to the list

Share Lists

You can share any saved list with others as an "HTML View" of your list. The list is accessed by a direct URL, and shares only the list contents not any of your personsal library account information. The list link can be embedded in a webpage, email, or shared to social media sites.

  1. Login to your Online Account
  2. Click My Lists
  3. Select the list to share, click the Share button 
    • The Share button will be replaced with a Hide button, and an HTML View link will appear.
  4. To view the list, click HTML View 
    • This will open this list in a web browser, it will look just like a search results list
  5. To share the list, copy the page URL and paste it into an email, etc.

NOTE! Shared lists can be un-shared at any time. Anybody following the URL will see a message stating "Sorry, no entries were found". As you update your list, the new additions will appear in the HTML View.


List HTML View

The list HTML view displays your book list as a search results list. It provides all the same functionality of a regular catalog search but focused specifically on the items saved to the list. 

Anybody with the list URL can open the list, place holds on titles, add items to their own lists, sort the list, limit the list contents to available copies, and search for items within the list. 

Search for items in your lists

Unfortunately, it is not possible to search for an item across all of your lists. They can only be searched or browsed one at a time. 

To search for an item in a list, the easiest way to do this is use the HTML View's "search only within the chosen list" option.

Otherwise, you must open a saved list and scroll through the list items. The list can be sorted by Title, Author, or Publication Date  by clicking on the relevant header.

Search only within the chosen list vs. search the entire catalog 

If you would like to search the entire catalog for related materials - different formats, other titles by the same author, etc. - you will need to UNCHECK the "Search only within the chosen list". Then enter new search terms in the Search the Catalog.