Checkout History and Holds History are OPTIONAL features that will list Previously Checked Out Items and holds placed, starting from the date on which checkout and hold histories were turned on.

By default, these options are OFF. Staff cannot turn on (or view) previous checkouts, although they can access cancelled holds.

Checkout and Hold History options:

Turn on Checkout History and Holds History

  1. Go to click Login
  2. Enter your Library Card Number and password
  3. Click Preferences, then the Search and History sub-tab
  4. Check Keep history of checked out items? to turn on checkout history
  5. Check Keep history of Holds? to turn on hold request history
  6. Click Save




  • Only items checked out AFTER the history is turned on will appear in the list.
  • If Checkout History is later turned off, all history items will be deleted; if Checkout History is turned back on at a later date, the history will start again at that point.

View Checkout History

  1. Login to your account
  2. Click Items Checked Out
  3. Click Check Out History sub-tab



NOTE! Checkout history can be downloaded as a spreadsheet by clicking the Download CSV button. Title, Author, Call Number, Barcode, and Format will be downloaded and can be opened in Excel or other spreadsheet program.

View Previously Checked-out Items in a Search Result List

Items included in your Checkout History will appear in a search results list with a note indicated you have checked that item out before:



View Hold History

  1. Login to your account
  2. Click Holds
  3. Click Holds History sub-tab

NOTE! The Holds History includes current holds and holds that have been fulfilled. Current holds will have a status message, such as "Waiting for copy" or "In transit", whereas fulfilled holds will not have a status message.